16. Have you ever visited the Summer Palace, _____ there are many beautiful halls, ridges and a huge lake?

A. which B. that C. where D. when C

17. Mr Obama will give a speech on the current situation at the meeting _____ next week in Beijing。

A. to hold B. held C. holding D. to be held D

18. Ti was in a small village in the south _____ he spent his childhood and met his life-long friend – the local schoolmaster。

A. where B. when C. which D. that A D

19. First of all, a teacher should show love for hi students on top of his academic knowledge. _____, he is not qualified for his position。

A. Therefore B. Otherwise C. However D. Because B

20. For many overseas Chinese, China is their real _____, because they were born and grew up there。

A. home B. family C. house D. household A

21. With all your brains you ______ the math test, but you failed. You were too careless。

A. should pass B. should have passed C. must pass D. must have passed B

22. When he entered the room he found a cat _____ quietly under the desk。

A. lie B. lies C. to lie D. lying D

23. Today Mrs Smith _____ herself in white like a nurse at the garden party。

A. wore B. put C. sent D. dressed D

24. In road rules the red light is a _____ for traffic to stop。

A. sign B. sight C. site D. size A

25. I can _____ you for your rude manners but you must apologize in public。

A. forbid B. forget C. forecast D. forgive D

26. General Blair had been in the army _____ for 35 years when he retired from the navy。

A. service B. work C. job D. homework A

27. Linda is quite different _____ her sister in character: she likes friends and goes out a lot while her sister always stays alone at home。

A. to B. from C. at D. on B

28. Jim was absent from school for the whole week _____ a bad cold。

A. because of B. in addition to C. according to D. in front of A

29. Some people like to _____ a small sum of money in case of urgent need。

A. deal with B. use up C. set aside D. take off C

30. Mr Smith feels greatly _______ with his son’s performance in school as he is always the top of his class。

A. disturbed B. worried C. distressed D. satisfied D

31. Skating is such a _____ sport in the northeast of China that almost everybody there knows how to skate。

A. likely B. famous C. popular D. long C

32. The teacher suggested that they _____ in the exercise at once。

A. had handed B. should have handed

C. handed D. hand B D

33. He did not go to school yesterday because he ______ his father who was ill。

A. must have looked after B. would have to look after

C. had to look after D. should have looked after C

34. After walking for half an hour, she realized that she _____ in the wrong direction。

A. had been walking B. has been walking

C. walked D. would have walked A

35. Don’t smoke in the classroom, ____?

A. do you B. will you C. can you D. could you B

36. There is not much time left, so I shall tell you about it _____。

A. in detail B. in brief C. for short D. in all B

37. _____ the room than the telephone rang once more。

A. Hardly when he entered B. Hardly he entered

C. No sooner he had entered D. No sooner had he entered D

38 My bike is old,____ it is in good condition。

A.Therefore B. so C. nevertheless D. moreover C

39. There is ______ that he has tried his best in the examination。

A. not to deny B. not denying C. no denying D. without denying C

40. Would you _____ to come to the meeting this weekend?

A. be so kind B. be kind as C. be so kind as D. be kind B C

41. He will write to me as soon as he ____ home 。

A. will have returned B. returns C. returned D. will return B

42. _____ is generally believed, there is no water on the moon。

A. As B. What C. That D. It A

43. He devoted his whole life to _____ care of the disabled children。

A. takes B. taking C. took D. take B

44. The student continued his university study ____ his family was poor。

A. even though B. as though C. now that D. since A

45. His father was put into _____ prison, and he had to go to _____ prison to visit him once in a while。

A. a; the B. the ; a C. a; / D. /; the  D



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